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Career FAQ

QHow do I apply for jobs in my local region?
ASearch for job information on the Job Openings page and check available positions at your local Samsung Engineering office.
QHow do I fill out an employment application form?
AYou can view a list of available positions and fill out an employment application at If you are visiting Samsung Careers for the first time, you will need to sign up as a member before filling out an application form. You may update and save your application at any time up until the application deadline. Once the deadline is reached, your application form will be submitted automatically.
QCan I apply for multiple positions within Samsung Group at the same time?
AYou can only apply for one position at any given time.
QIt says I cannot apply because I previously applied for a position at a different Samsung company. What do I do?
ADelete the previous application and fill out a new one for the position you are interested in. Applications can only be deleted by the original applicant. If you are having trouble deleting your previous application, contact the recruitment officer.
QI have prior work experience. May I still apply for a new recruit position?
AApplicants with prior work experience may apply for new recruit positions. If accepted, however, you will be starting out as a level III new recruit, regardless of your previous work experience. For more information on how you can leverage your past work experience, refer to the guidelines on recruitment of experienced applicants at and inquire within.
QDo I need to submit copies of my conversational English competency certificates?
AYou do not need to submit copies of your conversational English competency certificates─such as OPIc and TOEIC Speaking─since Samsung Engineering’s recruitment officers conduct independent verification of all language certificates with the issuing institutions.
QHow do I update my application after it has been submitted?
AContact the recruitment officer via email or phone and request to have your application updated. However, it will not be possible to update your application once the deadline has passed.
QHow do I check the status of my employment application?
AYou can check the status of your application by visiting Please note that Samsung Careers does not provide alerts, notifications, or updates regarding your employment application status.
QCan I include a language certificate I will receive after the application deadline?
ALanguage certificates and credits received two years prior to the application deadline will be acknowledged. Language certificates, grades, or credits you are slated to receive after the application deadline cannot be included in the application.