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Samsung Engineering Receives the WangNoi Gas Plant Contract from PTT 2016.11.23

Samsung Engineering was awarded an EPCC contract from PTT Public Company Ltd., a Thailand state-owned oil & gas company, for a gas compressor station project worth $110mil USD. The project is located in WangNoi, Ayutthaya 70km north of Bangkok, Thailand.

The project which uses Gas Turbine Driven Compressors with Shaft Power of 16MW will provide additional capacities of 800 MMSCFD gas for the city of Bangkok. The project is expected to be completed in 2018. The scope of the work also includes Gas Turbine Driven Compressor Trains, Inlet Filter Separators, Ground Flare & Vent Stack as well as Gas Cooler, Packages and Utilities and Substation.

Samsung Engineering has gained its trust from PTT through a number of projects for the client over the past 25 years. Starting from 1991, Samsung Engineering delivered a total of 15 projects to PTT, including the global scale Gas Separation Plant (GSP-6) completed in 2010. The GSP-6 project was awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with the “Distinguished Project Award”. The WangNoi project is the 16th project Samsung Engineering will execute for PTT.

Samsung Engineering as one of the global leaders in gas projects further enhanced its gas capabilities by recently entering the “International Gas Union” (IGU) as first EPC contractor ever. With these competences gained, Samsung Engineering wants to provide optimal solutions to its clients all over the world and especially to PTT with the confided WangNoi contract. 

Choong Heum Park, President and CEO of Samsung Engineering, stated: “I’m proud and humbled that PTT, which has been a great client and partner for us for so many years, entrusted us with the WangNoi project.” He added: “We want to deliver an excellent plant by providing the best services possible and looking forward to work with PTT with many further years to come.”

Location of the WangNoi project

Attached [Picture] Location of PTT WangNoi Gas Plant.jpg